Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo
It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a Ford fan – and you can’t have a conversation about Australian Fords without mentioning the final iteration of the Aussie-built straight 6. The Barra. So after finding a good home for my VT Calais, I went out and found a... Read more
Holden VT Calais

Holden VT Calais

The Cars December 31, 2019

Whilst I’ve never been particularly drawn to the Holden VT Commodore, I decided to take the plunge and pick up this well-maintained 2000 model Holden VT Calais to compare it to my 2001 Ford AU Falcon. Initially, I was after one with a supercharged 6-cylinder engine as that was... Read more
Ford AU Fairmont Ghia
What started as the cheapest AU Fairmont on Facebook Marketplace, resulted in something far more substantial than I ever expected. It turns out that you can polish a turd – a legend was born and it went on to become one of the most famous AU’s on YouTube. Car:... Read more
Ford NC Fairlane Ghia
A childhood dream of owning an NC Fairlane was finally realised, when I picked up this mint-condition example back in 2016. But it’s simply too good to modify, and now I’m left with a dilemma… Car: 1993 Ford NC Fairlane Ghia Nickname: ‘The Yacht’ Status: Sold (23/02/2021) Engine: 5.0L... Read more
Ford XD Falcon GL

Ford XD Falcon GL

The Cars July 15, 2008

The year is 1979. Philips showed their new compact disc (CD) to the world for the first time, Queen’s “Dont Stop Me Now” dominated the music charts, a second oil crisis hit the United States, and Ford’s new XD Falcon large sedan went on sale in Australia. The XD... Read more
Nissan R34 Skyline GTt
There’s a bit of a drought at the moment if you’re a Japanese sports car fan. If you’re a Honda fan, the sportiest one you can buy is actually a hybrid with 15-inch wheels. The best handling Toyota is a Subaru with only 205Nm torque. There’s still a few... Read more


The Cars May 10, 2005

Car: 1984 Ford FD LTD Nickname: ‘Fuel Burning Loungeroom’ Status: Sold Engine: 4.1L ‘Crossflow’ EFI inline 6-cylinder Power & Torque: 111 kW (149 hp) – 325 Nm (239 lb-ft) Driveline: 3-speed automatic – rear wheel drive Thirst: 12L/100km – 19.6mpg We’re nearing the end of an era. The end of Australian vehicle manufacturing... Read more