Top Tip: Read Error Codes with FORscan! The Ultimate Ford Falcon OBDII Reader & Reset Tool
Today we’re taking a quick look at a neat little tool called FORscan! This app allows you to connect to your Falcon’s ECU (from AU onwards) and read error codes to help diagnose problems, plus reset or reconfigure all of the different models within the vehicle. Read more
Ford XR6 Turbo Piggyback ECU Removal – Pulling the Pig off the Barra!
Today we’re taking one step backwards… so we can take a huge leap forward in the near future. Undoing the damage, and removing the super old-school Redcliffe Dyno RDP piggyback ECU which has been in this car for at least the past 10 years. Nobody tunes these things anymore,... Read more
June Update + Wheel Pickup. Where have I been?
Sorry for the delay! I’ve been busy learning to be a Dad! Come for a drive and find out what’s been happening, and also what’s coming up in the near future. Plus, we’re picking up a set of wheels off Facebook Marketplace! Read more
Ford BA Falcon + KFC Review 🍔🍗🍟
Today we’re looking at the Ford BA Falcon whilst eating some KFC 👌 Read more
Ford AU Fairmont Ghia 0-100km/h
This is a rough estimate of what a 20-year old Ford AU Fairmont Ghia VCT will achieve on a 0-100km/h run. The road surface had a bit of grit. Official factory quoted time is 8.6 seconds with a 16.5-second 1/4 mile. The 0-60mph time would be slightly quicker (60mph... Read more
Farewell to the NC Fairlane!
Today we’re sadly saying goodbye to my NC Fairlane. It’s the car I started this channel with and the proceeds from the sale will pave the way for future content on the channel. Read more
How to get a Verification Letter for your Australian Ford!
If you’ve ever wanted to know how you can get a build sheet for your Aussie Ford, this is the video for you! Simply email Ford Australia with the details mentioned in the video and you’ll receive your verification letter within a few weeks! This is an awesome service... Read more
Unlocking my Ford BA XR6 Turbo’s Piggyback ECU. PowerMod ECU Pro Sequential
A few months ago I found an oldschool Redcliffe Dyno piggyback ECU hidden away inside my Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo. Today we’re attempting to connect to it using a serial connection and see exactly what it’s doing to the car. Back in the day, these were the default... Read more
MotoringBox in 2021! Channel goals and fleet update.
What are my channel plans for 2021? And what’s happening with the MotoringBox fleet? Let’s have a chat. Read more
MotoringBox Rewind 2020
Merry Christmas! May 2021 be better for us all. Read more