Back to Ipswich Laps Cruise Night May 28th 2022! BA XR6 Turbo Lapping with 100’s of cars!
People have been lapping Ipswich for over 60 years, but due to an increased police presence it has gradually faded away in recent years. But tonight we went back, and the usually quiet centre of town was alive once again to the sound of cars and those who love... Read more
May 2022 Update – TikTok, Future XR6 Turbo mods + fixes, plus new calipers and exhaust for the AU
Here’s a quick update for things I’ve got coming up! Read more
I Made a REAL Engine Sound Enhancer For Just $40!
It seems like all car manufacturers these days are resorting to piping fake engine noises into the cabin to make cars sound better. But why does it need to be fake? Cars make a ton of great noises already, you just don’t hear them all from within the cabin.... Read more
Ford BA/BF Falcon Aftermarket Side Indicators – Ozeparts LED Sequential Flashers
Today we’re looking at a pair of aftermarket LED Indicators which are available from Ozeparts for Ford BA/BF Falcon. Guard Flasher AM LED Sequential Type: Fog Lamp Assembly (LED Halo Ring): Read more
How to Check and Maintain Your Car Battery! Monitor the voltage and replace before it is too late
Car batteries are one of the most overlooked items when it comes to car maintenance – and often by the time you realise something is wrong it’s too late! So today I’m showing you a simple way you can keep an eye on your battery’s health and how to... Read more
The Best T10 LED Bulb Upgrades For Your Falcon!
Looking to get rid of all the old yellow bulbs in your Falcon? Many of the bulbs are T10 Wedge halogen bulbs – but which LED replacement bulbs are best? After years of trial and error, here are two of the best T10 LED bulbs I have ever used... Read more
Ford BA XR6 Turbo Build Cost! How Much Did I Spend t to get the Barra Falcon to 332kW?
How much did it cost me to get my BA XR6 Turbo to 332rwkw? Let’s run through the build list and tally up the prices! Check out the part and video links below for more information! If anything, this build is a good example of how well the stock... Read more
Halo LED Fog Lights for BA/BF XR6 & XR8!
I’ve always wanted a set of halo-style fog lights on my BA XR6 Turbo, but there were no good solutions available… until now! Ozeparts have released new replacement fog lights for BA & BF XR6 & XR8 Falcons which are a complete drop-in replacement for the factory lights. Compatible... Read more
332kW Ford BA XR6 Turbo First Drive
I head out at 5am for an early morning drive in my recently tuned BA XR6 Turbo. Read more
Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo Hits the Dyno!
After working on this car for almost a year, it all comes down to this – dyno day! Our BA XR6 Turbo may only have a few simple bolt-on upgrades, but I’m confident we’ll be able to see some huge power upgrades over the stock standard figures! Can you... Read more