Installing a 6-CD Stacker in my Ford NC Fairlane!
I finally managed to track down an original part that was missing from my 1993 Ford NC Fairlane Ghia – the boot-mounted 6-CD stacker! Read more
Ford NC Fairlane Ghia Chrome Body Moulding and Rear Garnish Upgrades
Today I’m giving the NC Fairlane’s rear end a bit of an update, to fix two issues that have always annoyed me. More specifically, the faded and damaged chrome body moulding strip, and the ‘Fairlane’ badge which is stuck onto the rear garnish. Luckily the chrome body moulding strip... Read more
Converting Your Car to Electric Thermo Fans – Davies Craig Digital Fan Switch
Today we’re removing the standard mechanical viscous-clutch engine fan from my 1993 Ford NC Fairlane and converting it to electric thermo fans! The reason? The stock engine fan on these cars sound horrendous on hot days – it’s one of the worst sounds ever when it comes to cars.... Read more
A Quiet Cruise Through Brisbane in a Ford NC Fairlane Ghia (VR 360° Video)
Enjoy a chauffeured trip through Brisbane in a 1993 Ford NC Fairlane V8. No talking, no bullshit – just a relaxing 25-minute trip. Read more
Australia’s Biggest Land Yacht – Ford NC Fairlane Ghia
Today we’re looking at one of the largest sedans ever built in Australia. The Ford NC Fairlane. Read more
Ford NC Fairlane Ghia
A childhood dream of owning an NC Fairlane was finally realised, when I picked up this mint-condition example back in 2016. But it’s simply too good to modify, and now I’m left with a dilemma… Car: 1993 Ford NC Fairlane Ghia Nickname: ‘The Yacht’ Status: Currently Owned Engine: 5.0L... Read more