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Mitsubishi TJ Magna Ralliart

Up until purchasing this car, I’d been stuck in a bit of a Ford rut. Don’t get me wrong, I love Falcons and I think they’re the best car ever designed and built in Australia. But sometimes you just have to try something new, you know?

Enter the Mitsubishi Magna – a car loosly based on the Mitsubishi Galant or Diamante… to be honest the actual similarities between them all still alludes me. But the Magna is Australian – and a lot of Australians have been raving about them in my YouTube channel’s comments section. So after spending the past year or so learning about the models, I finally decided that I was after the fastest, rarest Magna ever made – the Magna Ralliart. Trouble is, they made just 500 of them – and that was 20 years ago.

Occasionally you’d see one pop up for sale on Facebook Marketplace, but they were usually in pretty rough condition and with a pretty expensive price tag to boot. I pretty much gave up on buying one, and started looking for an AWD Magna or Verada which would be the next best thing.

Until this rough old black Magna Ralliart popped up on Marketplace for just over $5,000. It needed work, but it looked like an honest car. So now it’s mine.

This car is now mostly restored – check out the playlist on YouTube for more:

Car:2002 Mitsubishi TJ Magna Ralliart #122
Status: Currently Owned
Engine:3.5L ‘Cyclone’ 6G74 SOHC V6
Power & Torque:180 kW (241 hp) – 333 Nm (245 lb-ft)
Driveline:5-speed manual – front wheel drive
Thirst: 12L/100km – 19.6mpg


  1. Hi, I currently own a 2003 AWD model (1 of 500 made) and was wondering how much it would be worth? It is still stock and in excellent condition……

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