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The Proper Way to Add AUX or Bluetooth to a BA/BF Falcon!

Want to add AUX or Bluetooth to your BA or BF Falcon? Don’t be fooled by the cheap AUX or Bluetooth adapters on eBay – they’ll “do the job” but your music will be VERY quiet and with background noise whenever you’ve got the engine running?

The answer? ASL Automedia’s BA-BF Audio Booster. This device provides a filtered 3.5mm AUX input to your Falcon, which you can also combine with a Bluetooth module if you wish.

ASL Automedia Audio Booster:

BA/BF Bluetooth Module:

This video is not sponsored. Both items were purchased by me at full retail price, and I recommend them because I believe they perform well.


  1. Using this system, are you able to make and receive phone calls and utilise the the inbuilt controls in a bf falcon?

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