AU Falcon Exhaust Upgrade! Fitting a Redback 2.5″ cat back system
So the exhaust fell off my AU Fairmont…. again. The rear muffler rusted out and fell off two years ago, and now the centre section has done the same. So let’s throw it all in the bin and replace it with a quality Redback 2.5″ exhaust? The system bolted... Read more
When your AU Falcon decides to do the modifications by itself
That’s twice now. Read more
Back to Ipswich Laps Cruise Night May 28th 2022! BA XR6 Turbo Lapping with 100’s of cars!
People have been lapping Ipswich for over 60 years, but due to an increased police presence it has gradually faded away in recent years. But tonight we went back, and the usually quiet centre of town was alive once again to the sound of cars and those who love... Read more
May 2022 Update – TikTok, Future XR6 Turbo mods + fixes, plus new calipers and exhaust for the AU
Here’s a quick update for things I’ve got coming up! Read more
Fixing Sticking Ford Falcon Brakes – Replace Your Brake Calipers to Avoid Warping Your Rotors!
This week we’re fixing the sticky brakes on my AU Fairmont Ghia. This is a typical Falcon problem, and if you can feel your brake pedal pulsing when you brake at high speeds – there’s a fair chance your brakes are dragging! Read more
VR 360° Ford AU Fairmont Ghia Cruise through Ipswich
Come for a leisurely cruise through Ipswich in my 2001 Ford AU Fairmont Ghia. This has been filmed on a 4K 360° Camera to allow you to look/pan around the car and see in every direction. If you have a set of VR Goggles, you can use that too!... Read more
I Made a REAL Engine Sound Enhancer For Just $40!
It seems like all car manufacturers these days are resorting to piping fake engine noises into the cabin to make cars sound better. But why does it need to be fake? Cars make a ton of great noises already, you just don’t hear them all from within the cabin.... Read more
Did I Get a Refund? Returning a Hiclone after it made my AU Falcon’s fuel consumption worse!
Ford BA/BF Falcon Aftermarket Side Indicators – Ozeparts LED Sequential Flashers
Today we’re looking at a pair of aftermarket LED Indicators which are available from Ozeparts for Ford BA/BF Falcon. Guard Flasher AM LED Sequential Type: Fog Lamp Assembly (LED Halo Ring): Read more
Hunting for AU Falcon Rare Accessories – Hidden door pockets from a Series 1 Fairlane!
My quest to find all the rare (but still attainable) AU Falcon accessories continues, this time with a set of rare door cards which were only available on some high-spec AU Falcon Series 1 models. What’s so special about them? They have a hidden feature! So hidden in fact,... Read more