PDR Paintless Dent Repair for Beginners
Today we’re attempting to pull a dent out of the front guard of my Holden VT Calais. Let’s see how we go! I’ve never pulled a dent out of a car before, but today I’m giving it a go with a cheap dent puller tool I purchased off eBay. Read more
Holden VT Commodore vs Ford AU Falcon – Which is Best?
Finally, I answer the question that was on everyone’s lips. Which car from the MotoringBox fleet do I like best, VT Calais or AU Fairmont Ghia? Opinions will be split, but there can only be one winner. Read more
Australia’s Favourite Car – The Holden VT Commodore
Today we’re looking at the most popular Australian car ever made… and this one still has a fuel flap, too. It’s the Holden VT Commodore. Read more
A Quiet Drive in a Holden VT Calais (VR 360° Video)
Come along for a quiet drive in my Holden VT Calais. Read more
Car Exterior Detailing on a Budget – The Cheap & Easy Way!
Looking for a cheap & easy way to clean your car’s dirty exterior? Well here you go! Read more
How To Clean Your Car’s Interior – The Cheap & Easy Way!
Looking for a cheap & easy way to clean your car’s dirty interior? Well here you go! Read more
Our New Australian Feature Car for 2020 – Holden VT Calais
Introducing another Aussie car into the MotoringBox garage for 2020. I hope you like it! Read more
Holden VT Calais

Holden VT Calais

The Cars December 31, 2019

Whilst I’ve never been particularly drawn to the Holden VT Commodore, I decided to take the plunge and pick up this well-maintained 2000 model Holden VT Calais to compare it to my 2001 Ford AU Falcon. Initially, I was after one with a supercharged 6-cylinder engine as that was... Read more