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💥Ford Falcon Tailshaft Vibration – Will Ford’s $7 Magic Beans do the trick on the BA XR6 Turbo?

For the past year or so, my Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo has been a 330kW vibration device. The actual cause has been difficult the diagnose. At first it seemed likely that a flogged out centre bearing on the tailshaft was the culprit, but after being fully reconditioned and balanced two times… the vibration was still there!

So today we’re taking one last shot at it, by installing some clip on tailshaft weights which you can still purchase from your local Ford dealer (in Sept 2022 anyway). Ford dealers who offer ‘Dynamic Tailshaft Balancing’ utilise specialised equipment to determine where these weights need to go in order to smooth out the tailshaft vibration, but my local dealer didn’t offer this service – so I had to do it myself! Did it work? Check out the video for the final result! #motoringbox

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  1. Thanks for such great video! I have same issue with my BF Wagon vibrating at 80 km/h, but I can’t find those weights anywhere on the web.

    Any idea where to find them?


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