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Barra Origins – The Ford BA Falcon. Australia’s Most Important Car

Today we’re looking at a car which I consider to be one of the most important vehicles we ever built here in Australia. A car which gave us the mighty Barra straight-six engine. The Ford BA Falcon.


  1. G’day , i watched your videos on 1) the extra air intake to the Ba/Bf ford . Ive used every wording possible and can’t get a place to buy one from. Do you know where ?
    2) the Venom exhaust kit was impressive but the company doesn’t have a useable web site , it states only that the website is under redesign . is there any other way of contacting them ?

    1. Hey mate – the intakes aren’t available any more (I think) so your best bet might be wreckers / marketplace / second hand. I bought the exhaust through a listing on eBay.

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