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Barra Origins – The Ford BA Falcon. Australia’s Most Important Car

Today we’re looking at a car which I consider to be one of the most important vehicles we ever built here in Australia. A car which gave us the mighty Barra straight-six engine. The Ford BA Falcon.


  1. G’day , i watched your videos on 1) the extra air intake to the Ba/Bf ford . Ive used every wording possible and can’t get a place to buy one from. Do you know where ?
    2) the Venom exhaust kit was impressive but the company doesn’t have a useable web site , it states only that the website is under redesign . is there any other way of contacting them ?

    1. Hey mate – the intakes aren’t available any more (I think) so your best bet might be wreckers / marketplace / second hand. I bought the exhaust through a listing on eBay.

  2. Hi Sean
    Have a 1966XP Falcon with the original radio.
    Is it possible to have the radio which is AM only to Bluetooth easily.
    Could you please recommend someone that can do it or would you be interested in doing a video with my radio?
    Probably need upgrading to 2 channel with amp?
    Cheers, Darryl

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