Venom Turbo Back Exhaust for Ford BA/BF Falcon XR6 Turbo
Today we’re out in the Ford BA Falcon XR6 Turbo to have a listen to the new Venom turbo-back exhaust which I recently installed. The car wasn’t too happy (tune-wise) but the exhaust sounded great! Read more
The Best Barra Turbo Exhaust? Venom Turbo-Back Exhaust for Ford Falcon BA/BF XR6 Turbo & FPV Typhoon
Join me as I install what is arguably one of the best value aftermarket exhaust systems for BA/BF XR6 Turbos – a Venom Turbo-Back Exhaust! Australian made, epic build quality, awesome 4″ dump pipe, 5″ cat convertor and a twin 2.5″ twin-muffler exhaust. You beauty! Venom also produce exhaust... Read more