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BBC worried by LeBlanc’s ‘Filming Clashes’

According to reports, new Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc already has the BBC worried, after he recently signed up to star in a new US sitcom. Less than a week after it was...

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James May: ‘We must save Hornby’

James May has led the calls to rescue Hornby, the maker of model trains, cars and planes, after the company warned that it is struggling to survive. The company’s...

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Ford: The RS Anthem

It began in 1970 with the Escort RS1600 RS Twin Cam. Ever since, Ford’s been giving the Ralleye Sport badge to all of its European rally cars, along with plenty...

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Russia’s crazy new Sherp ATV

Do you ever wish that the Tonka trucks you played with as a child could actually be driven for real? Well, the new Russian-built Sherp ATV is probably the closest...

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Clarkson: ‘Anyone buying a manual is mad’

Jeremy Clarkson has used his weekly column in The Sunday Times to say that drivers of manual cars “are mad”, apparently after he’d had an epiphany...

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Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint’s loud farewell

It isn’t really a surprise that Ford are planning to close their Australian manufacturing facilities in October this year, when you look at how dismal sales are...

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Bose’s revolutionary suspension system

A few years ago, the boffins at Bose were working away on a new, state-of-the-art electromagnetic suspension system that could have changed the motoring world...

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Matt LeBlanc’s ‘car guy’ credentials

We were all in shock after hearing the BBC had signed Matt LeBlanc as a host for the Top Gear relaunch later this year. Casting an American host for what has always...

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Best Super Bowl 2016 car ads

The Super Bowl is a big deal for car manufacturers, and it is common for them to spend millions of dollars producing the best and most funny advertisements they can...

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Jerry Seinfeld selling a few Porsches

If your knowledge of Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t extend beyond the boundaries of Seinfeld, you might be surprised to learn that he’s as fanatical about cars as...

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