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Barra Intake Mods! Installing Under-Headlight Intake Snorkel, Air Filter and Oil Catch Can on XR6T

Looking to open up the intake of your stock BA XR6 Turbo? Here’s a neat way to increase induction noise, by installing a genuine Ford under-headlight intake snorkel from the FPV Typhoon. I also added a performance air filter to top it off, and installed an oil catch can to help keep the intake piping clean.

BA/BF/FG Oil Catch Can –


  1. Hey thanks for making the video, just did this today works great however the 120mm is a tad too much on the right side of cut opening on mine.
    When the ribs line up with snorkel holders it makes it snug to left which fits great but does leave 5mm gap on right side.
    It still sits in there fine but 112mm to 114mm on right side would have the snorkel fit perfect.
    Maybe from factory the snorkel varied in width from the manufacturer.

    1. Sorry to hear that – the measurements worked well for me. Perhaps you could use some black flexible sealant to seal it up? The good thing is it’s in a location where you pretty much can’t see any of it.

  2. Hi there, thanks for making video didn’t even know it was a thing.

    I found that using a Dremel tool was the best option as it was very steady and accurate.
    I also found the cutting opening a tad smaller makes the fitment very snug.

    I’ve documented the whole installation on my Instagram @blue_xr6

    Thanks for the video it was great to go back and watch it as a reference.

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