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⏪The Best Aftermarket Reversing Camera? Ozeparts Rear View Mirror for Ford Falcon AU BA BF FG & FGX

If you’re interested in adding a reversing camera to your Falcon, I think this may be the best option out there. This rear view mirror replaces your car’s existing item completely, and still retains a fairly classy OEM look. It’s also available for Commodores and many other vehicles! It features a 9.6″ LCD screen hidden behind the mirror glass, plus has an integrated 1080p dashcam that records from both front and rear cameras.

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Ford Falcon AU BA BF FG FGX:

Holden Commodore VT VX VY VZ VE VF:

Ford Territory SX SY SZ:

Plus other vehicles – view the list:

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  1. Fantastic. Thought mirrorcam was a gimmick but I am going to get one. It’s more than enough for what I need in a ba ute.

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