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🌀Does Hiclone Fuel Saver Actually SAVE YOU FUEL?

Fuel is expensive, I get it. But do fuel savers like Hiclone actually save you money? I purchased one for AU$160(!?) and strapped it into the intake of my Ford AU Fairmont Ghia 4.0L VCT and attempt to find out! The results were a surprise!

This device is similar to the Tornado Fuel Saver, Turboflow, or any other intake fan device which isn’t motorised and doesn’t actually spin.

With the test I strived to keep it as fair and consistent as possible. Tests were run at 100km/h on cruise control. Climate control was on manual override 20c at fan speed ‘6’. Plus the ambient temperature, prevailing conditions, plus the way the car was driven were all very close. The car had a full tank of 98PULP petrol and all tyres were at 32psi.

All mpg conversions are in Freedom units (US gallons).

So is the Hiclone worth the steep asking price? Check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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