Australia’s Biggest Land Yacht – Ford NC Fairlane Ghia
Today we’re looking at one of the largest sedans ever built in Australia. The Ford NC Fairlane. Read more
Ford NC Fairlane Ghia
A childhood dream of owning an NC Fairlane was finally realised, when I picked up this mint-condition example back in 2016. But it’s simply too good to modify, and now I’m left with a dilemma… Car: 1993 Ford NC Fairlane Ghia Nickname: ‘The Yacht’ Status: Currently Owned Engine: 5.0L... Read more
Ford XD Falcon GL

Ford XD Falcon GL

The Cars July 15, 2008

The year is 1979. Philips showed their new compact disc (CD) to the world for the first time, Queen’s “Dont Stop Me Now” dominated the music charts, a second oil crisis hit the United States, and Ford’s new XD Falcon large sedan went on sale in Australia. The XD... Read more